Design Work: Menu for Chan’s Noodle Bar (Vietnamese Restaurant)

“Chan’s Noodle Bar” is a Vietnamese restaurant in London where one of my friends currently works.
When this restaurant decided to change their Menu so my friend asked me to do this work.
The design is simple but it took me a long time typing the menu text.
The illustration at the front page is not a logo of the restaurant, it’s just my drawing.
Green colour was selected in order to match the colour of the walls in this restaurant.
If you want to try some Vietnamese food, don’t hesitate to go there and enjoy! 🙂







Design Works: Animal Illustration for Alphabet Family

Alphabet B&W

These 4 animal illustrations are my 1st work ever with Adobe Illustrator.
Since 5 months ago when I moved to UK to study graphic design, I had to start using Ai.
The work is a simple making of animal characters (cow, pig, sheep and rabbit) for kids about 8 years old.
My illustrations are influenced by Chibi style of Manga (Japanese Comic).

Alphabet Color

Design Work: Grunge Poster (J.T. Bear)

Just a poster I did in Technical Products class on Monday!

I call it “J.T. BEar COOL” because of a simple reason is I used Justin Timberlake photo and a bear’s head to make this poster.

He’s back! After over six years since the release of his multi-platinum sophomore album FutureSex/LoveSounds, Justin Timberlake has just released his brand-new single “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z! Written and produced by Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Shawn Carter, Jerome “J-ROC” Harmon and James Flauntleroy.

Hope you enjoy!


I don’t really like this song, especially the intro but the lyric video is quite nice! And now it’s stuck in my head “let me show you a few things…”

Design Work: Packaging for SCRUB

This is my packaging design for SCRUB Cosmetic Company at school, inspired from Survival Kit Just In Case.

This product have 3 lines: for man, for woman & for all.
I used the simples of beard & lips to represent for man & woman respectively.

I designed the boxes for shower gel bottles, want to make a real glasses bottle but I haven’t figured it out yet!
I will try it next time. Hope you guys like my designs! 🙂






Christmas & the Rabbit’s Spirit

This idea just came when I went shopping for Xmas holiday…
So I decided to make something mystery for my 1st Xmas in UK and it’s the 1st time I play with smoke too.
I spent nearly half a day, sitting in front of the computer to make it, hope you’ll like it!

Christmas & the Rabbit's Spirit

Check out this look on my LOOKBOOK! 🙂

Design Work: FCOT’S Got Talent Poster

Just some posters I made for my school’s talent show named FCOT’s Got Talent before Christmas Holiday.
I hope they’ll be useful!